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Based on the new starting point of "double ten thousand", write a new chapter of development.--Dongguan Financial Holding Group held the 2021 annual work summary and commendation conference
Release time:2022-02-07

On the afternoon of January 25th, Dongguan Financial Holding Group held the 2021 annual work summary and commendation meeting to comprehensively summarize the group's operation and management in 2021, arrange the deployment of key tasks in 2022, and give an overview of the outstanding performance of the group and the group in 2021. Individuals will be commended on the spot to establish a model and motivate morale. Group Chairman Liao Yulin presided over the meeting.

The development of the group in 2021 is inseparable from the joint efforts and hard work of all employees. During this period, a group of departments and individuals who are dedicated, hardworking and outstanding have emerged. At the meeting, Liu Yu, deputy general manager of the group, read out the relevant commendation decisions on behalf of the group, and commended the outstanding departments and individuals in 2021 on the spot, and sent a message to the commended departments and individuals to cherish the honor, not forget the original intention, and regard the achievements as new achievements. Starting from the beginning, be humble and cautious, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, make persistent efforts, and strive for new achievements and new achievements in the new year. Call on all employees to follow their example, integrate learning excellence, catch up with excellence, and strive for excellence into work, transform it into a powerful driving force to promote work, and make greater contributions to the group's high-quality development!

At the meeting, the Finance and Accounting Department, the Investment and Development Department and the three directly managed subsidiaries made analysis and reports on the financial status, fund business development and subsidiary operations in 2021, and put forward suggestions and work plans for the operation in 2022. The Ministry of Finance made a written report on the operation of the major participating and holding companies in 2021.

General Manager Zhang Qingwen pointed out in his speech that all departments and directly-managed subsidiaries closely followed the work arrangements of the Group's Party Committee, focused on implementation and specific implementation, and did a lot of work and achieved good results, jointly promoting the overall operation of the Group to achieve stability and progress. , handed in a qualified annual answer sheet. In 2021, the Group has made new progress in all aspects. First, new progress has been made in the main business of funds, and the "double improvement" of business scale and operating efficiency has been achieved; second, new progress has been made in business transformation, and some areas have been made from scratch. Some broke out and developed; third, new progress was made in improving the layout of the financial industry, which created favorable conditions for continuing to promote strategic synergy and resource integration; fourth, new progress was made in focusing on resolving financial risks, which consolidated the company's development foundation; fifth, internal management achieved The new progress has laid a good foundation for the next stage of reform and change and accelerated development.

Mr. Zhang emphasized that the Group's current business development still needs to focus on two aspects: risk resolution and transformation and development. Mr. Zhang proposed that several key tasks should be focused on in 2022: First, effectively improve financing capabilities to meet current development needs. Quickly study new financing models, formulate new financing plans and plans, and ensure that reasonable and sufficient financial arrangements can meet the needs of business development. The second is to focus on exploring new areas of industrial investment and create favorable conditions for the group's development and reform. It is necessary to implement the work instructions put forward by Vice Mayor Li Yanzhen when he visited the group, make up for the group's industrial shortcomings as soon as possible, actively connect with the relevant industrial resources and industrial layout arrangements of the municipal government, and strive to explore and grasp industrial investment opportunities in new fields. Make the industrial sector bigger and stronger, provide sufficient support for financial development, and realize the integration and mutual promotion of finance and industry. The third is to protect the long-term and effectively strengthen the prevention of business risks. Support participating and holding companies to properly resolve risks and speed up the disposal of existing business risk projects; strictly control project access to improve the quality of investment projects; strengthen post-investment management, strengthen post-investment management awareness, improve post-investment management mechanisms, and improve management expertise ability.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Liao Yulin made a concluding speech. Director Liao pointed out that the group has successfully completed the 2021 business goals and tasks, laying a solid foundation for the group's development. In 2021, the group has carried out a lot of basic work in three aspects: comprehensively strengthening the leadership of the party, improving the level of party building, improving the institutional system, building a solid management foundation, focusing on the main responsibility and main business, and strengthening the mission. The main contradictions facing the Group's current development are the contradiction between long-term investment and short-term liquidity, the contradiction between capital strength and platform positioning, the contradiction between business development and risk resolution, and the contradiction between high-quality development requirements and insufficient innovation capabilities.

At the meeting, Director Liao fully conveyed the spirit of the main instructions of Vice Mayor Li Yanzhen when he visited the group, and put forward specific requirements for the implementation work: First, unswervingly prepare for applying for a financial holding license, strengthen cooperation with the people The bank's reporting and communication, clarifying the conditions and requirements for applying for licenses, carrying out work in a targeted manner according to the application requirements, and making up the conditions as soon as possible to initiate an application; the second is to actively and steadily promote the company's reform and development. Benchmarking the outstanding enterprises in the industry, strengthen the research on top-level design, promote the strategic reform of the group, and focus on promoting the transformation from the current "two major sectors" to "two wheels", so as to solve a series of development problems brought about by the current development model; thirdly, It is necessary to be more responsible, improve business skills, build up the courage and determination to overcome difficulties, further boost energy, strengthen professional learning, strengthen industry research, and effectively improve the professional ability of the team, so as to achieve stability and sustainability for the group. The fourth is to comprehensively strengthen the party's leadership and party building, speak clearly about politics, strengthen the construction of front-line party members and cadres and grass-roots party branches, and build a loyal, clean, and responsible cadre team. The rest place is upright and disciplined, and strives to create a warm atmosphere of uprightness and entrepreneurship.

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